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Wilcox Library Assessment: Home

Library Vision

Wilcox Library Vision

To help Penn students become Penn graduates.

Library Mission

Wilcox Library Mission

Wilcox Library provides essential serviceinstruction and space to support a diverse community of learners using innovative discovery tools to ensure access to collections and resources in support of student learning. The Library further supports the University by collecting, preserving and organizing materials of historic value.

Library Goals

1.  Instruct students in retrieval, evaluation, analysis and ethical use of information.

2.  Provide a physical space for reading, research and learning for the Penn Community.

3.  Acquire and maintain collections and resources aligned with the academic curriculum.

4. Create discovery tool interfaces that access all collections and resources at point and place of need.

5.  Provide user-centered services, in all environments, to Penn students and faculty.

6.  Collect, preserve, digitize and provide access to the historic record of William Penn.