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Wilcox Library Assessment: Planning Documents

Planning Documents

Wilcox Library Planning Documents



Wilcox Library conducts annual outcomes based assessment activities and collects input and output statistics throughout the academic year to gather evidence of how we are or are not fulfilling our mission.  Each year we review the data and feedback we received and plan our next year’s activities, budget allocation, and services accordingly. We will also correct and improve any deficiencies we uncover.


Association of College and Research Libraries:

                Standards for Libraries in Higher Education

                Guidelines for Distance Learning Library Services

                Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education

                Iowa Private Academic Libraries Group Annual Statistics for peer comparison and benchmarking

User Satisfaction Survey

Bibliographic Citation Analysis

Poster Presentation Evaluation

Focus and directed discussion with SGA and student groups

Building usage Assessment

RefAnalytics usage statistics


Wilcox Library provides essential service, instruction and space -

                Means of gathering evidence:

Poster presentation evaluation, LibGuide usage statistics, Instruction sessions count, Bibliographic citation analysis

User Satisfaction Survey, Building usage study, Gate counts

Focus groups, RefAnalytics usage statistics

Diverse community of learners

                Means of gathering evidence

                Focus Groups, User Satisfaction Survey


Innovative discovery tools

                Means of gathering evidence

                Usage statistics, User Satisfaction Survey, Focus Groups, Website traffic


Access to collections and resources

                Means of gathering evidence

                User Satisfaction Survey, Focus groups, Acquisitions budget allocation, Usage statistics


Preserving and organizing materials of historic value

                Mean of gathering evidence

                RefAnalytics usage and presentation statistics    

Building Renewal

Building Renewal

Part of our library mission is to provide a physical space for students that, is well equipped, clean and comfortable.  The library interior is beginning to show signs of age and needs to be refurbished.  Most of the carpeting is fifteen to twenty years old and the building hasn’t been painted in twenty-one years.  A significant short coming is we have no public restrooms that are handicapped accessible.

 The Library was built in 1964 with an interior design scheme that was utilitarian, stark, and institutional.  This was a common design for academic libraries of this era.  Hence we can’t take the building back to the original interior design scheme that would be awful. We have decided to look at midcentury design ideas for inspiration.  This would be best for a building that lacks aesthetic appeal.

We hope to be able to accomplish one to two projects per year and have the entire building redone by 2018.

Below are the list of projects and the tentative timelines for completion:

Study Room Classroom/ Cora Mattison Classroom/Quaker Room/Small Group Study Rooms

 Carpet, paint and new equipment and furniture - COMPLETE

Relocation of University Archives/Woody - Chawner Archives

                Paint, new flooring, shelving and historic photo display – 2012 and still in process

Lower Level Lounge and study area

                Carpet, Paint new furnishings and shelf ends – 2013 and still in process

Electronic Classroom/Madeline Clark Forman Classroom

                Paint and Carpet - 2014

Lower Level Public Bathrooms

Retile floor and walls, new stall door, lighting, sinks, faucets and create a handicap stall in both men’s and women’s bathroom -  2015

Foyer Gallery and Front Desk Area

                Flooring, paint, hanging system and paint desk – 2016

First Floor open study area and computer area

                Paint, carpet, new chairs and shelf ends – 2017

New energy efficient windows entire building - 2018