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Wilcox Library and COVID-19: Home

Campus Guidance

Wilcox Library is here for you. Take care of yourself. Be kind to others. 

Wilcox Library will follow all directives from the University regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic. William Penn University may communicate with you through email, information on the WPU website or on the official WPU Facebook page. We will keep this page updated with library specific information.

Using Library Resources Off Campus

Off Campus Access

If you are quarantined or taking your courses remotely you still have access to our library databases and many other online resources at You will use your William Penn University email address and password to log in. Please call 641-673-1096 if you need assistance logging in. If you need a book you will still be able to look it up on our website. You can consider having a friend pick it up for you and leave it at your door if you are on campus so no one has contact with you. 

Internet Access

In case of a quarantine off campus or away from Oskaloosa you may want to consider your plan for internet access. If you don't have an internet provider at your home look at the services you local public library offers. Some of them check out internet hot spots. Public libraries can provide you with many other services while you are away from campus.


Building Access Update

Library Basement 

Until further notice the basement of the library is closed. The restrooms are still accessible.

Book Stacks

With the closure of the basement our book stacks are also now closed. If you need a book please notify a staff member and we will pull it for you.

Overdue Materials

Do You Have Something of Ours?

If you have library materials checked out and are away from campus during the online learning period we are extending the due dates. If you somehow receive an overdue notice you may ignore it. 

Chat Reference and Assistance

Chat is available during regular library hours. If we are working with a student we may set the service to away.

Library Hygiene

Library Precautions

We are working hard to keep the library clean. Frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs, handrails, and keyboards are being sanitized throughout the day. We encourage you to do your part to protect yourself and others by washing your hands frequently. There is also hand sanitizer available for your use. If you would like to wipe down a table or keyboard before you use it we have wipes available for you. Just ask at the desk.

Laptop Checkouts

Effective immediately we are suspending the requirement to hold student ids or driver's licenses for laptop checkouts. We will take your name and student id number for checkout. We will disinfect all laptops upon return. 

Library Materials and Checkouts

For your safety and library staff safety we will ask that you not hand your id to library staff for checkouts. Evidence shows that paper is unlikely to carry viruses but they can live for several days on materials such as plastic. We are using an abundance of caution and as library materials are returned they will be quarantined for a period of time.