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Writing a Research Paper: Step 5: Cite Sources

Article Citation

Use this example to help you understand the citation elements of a journal article.
*journal titles are often abbreviated. 

Online Citation Tools: A Note

While MS Word 2007, certain databases and other on-line resources such as EasyBib offer automatic MLA/APA formatting tools for citations, these systems are not always accurate or complete and do not allow for formatting of all pertinent information.

If you use these online tools it is important to double check the accuracy of your results against a style sheet such as those linked to in this guide.

Instructor Requirements Differ!

Be aware that some instructors may have additional or specialized requirements for your citations. For example, while MLA 2009 format does not require you to include the full URL in your citation, some instructors prefer that you do.


Always be cognizant of class requirements and seek confirmation from classmates or your instructor.

What Is Plagiarism?

Developed by the Paul Robeson Library, this three part video about the scourge of plagiarism is an educational parody of a typical classic 50's classroom environment. Click the video below to view Part I. Click again to open a larger version in a new tab.  Part IIPart III.

Why Cite? - embed

Why You Need to Cite Sources
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More Citation Help

There are loads of web pages that can provide you with further help with your citations. Beware that most of these give basic help for free. More extensive help is available for a premium. Also, sure, some of these tools (I'm looking at you, EasyBib) look easy to use. But sometimes they give citations that are dead WRONG. Sorry I yelled, but it is just sad.

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